Terms of Service


Please take the time to carefully read these Terms of Service as described below. Accepting these terms of service by creating an account on binds you to them. You agree to adhere to these terms at all times. Flakwolf reserves the right to change these conditions at any time. Your continued use of the site is your acceptance of these new terms. Please check back regularly to see modifications and updates to the Terms of Service as they might affect you. If you do not agree to, or refuse to accept our Terms of Service, you are prohibited from using


If at any time you (hereinafter referred to as “User,”) is found in violation of the Terms of Service, reserves the right to make a the decision on how to handle user’s account up to and including suspension and possible termination. also reserves the right to refuse service, suspend or terminate a users account at any time at its discretion, and without notice and liability. It is in the sole discretion of who is allowed to create and maintain an account and use the service provided.


Although some features on are accessible without having a membership, user is required to create an account to complete any listing or trading of games. Only one account per household is allowed. Any action by user involving the creation of multiple accounts, (under the sole discretion of Flakwolf,) to defraud, cheat, or steal from, is considered illegal and Flakwolf .com reserves the right to recover any losses incurred. User is required to complete the registration form in its entirety with correct and accurate information pertaining to him or herself. User is required to update registration information as it changes. reserves the right to verify any and all registration information (if it deems necessary.) If any registration information is found to be fraudulent, misleading or incorrect, Flakwolf reserves the right to cancel users account and recover any losses incurred through the use of the fraudulent information. User also represents that he/she is age 13 or older or has the consent of a parental guardian. User also acknowledges that he/she is legally permitted to use our service and that user is fully responsible for all activities that occur under the use of users account. Flakwolf reserves the right to change your username if it is deemed inappropriate or unacceptable. User may not choose a username with the intent to impersonate someone else. Flakwolf reserves the right to refuse registration or to cancel users account at any time using our discretion.

USER RESPONSIBILITY is not responsible for any content posted by user up to but not including: images, sounds, photographs, data, text, video, and or graphics. User is solely responsible for the before mentioned content and agrees to indemnify and its employees/owners for any content posted. User agrees that he/she will not post anything obscene, vulgar, pornographic, abusive, offensive or anything that can in any way be construed as such on User is prohibited from any activity involving but not limited to the following: falsely listing video games to trade with no intention of sending such games only to receive a credit, engage in trading with other users where the intention of either party is to defraud, cheat or steal from, state a game was never received when it was, state a game is broken or otherwise unplayable when it actually is, manipulate the supply and demand of the site by falsely listing games for trade when the intention is to acquire credits, use the site to engage in any type of illegal activity, trade other people’s property, distribute viruses, Trojan horses, and/or worms, post any information with the intent to obtain account information of another party, harass other members of, interfere with or cause the disruption of anything to do with the technical aspects (hosting, security, system performance) of When user lists a game for trade, user agrees to send that game when another user requests it. User acknowledges that there is no denying trade requests…that when a game is listed, user acknowledges that upon request, the game must be sent. User is required to complete all accepted transactions in a timely manner. User represents that he/she is the sole owner of any game, console, or accessory listed for trade and that the information entered matches the condition, quality and contents of the game. By listing a game for trade, user acknowledges that he/she (when the game is requested by another user) is transferring the title of the game to the requesting user. User agrees to abide by all applicable state laws. User will not use any contact information obtained through for any purpose other than that of trading video games (or purposes outlined by User understands that does not have legal ownership of any of the games listed for trade and cannot vouch for the condition or quality of said game. Users may not illegally copy games, nor is it allowed to send games to other users that have been illegally copied.


User agrees to release , it’s owners, employees and or representatives from any liability arising from but not limited to, disputes with other users, incidental, punitive or consequential damages resulting from any other types of disputes, costs (including attorneys fees) from any claim made by a third party. User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless, it’s owners, employees and or representatives against any Suit, Action or Claim arising out of your use of the service provided by or any violation of the of the Terms of Service. User agrees to pay any and all costs associated with any type of Suit, Action or Claim arising from any of the above issues.


Some services on require payment of fees. The price of these services or the services that require payment themselves might change at any time. reserves the right to make these changes, (prices, content, etc) at any time. User agrees to pay any and all costs associated with and its services offered to user. User authorizes to automatically charge User’s credit card for any and all fees you incur while using without the need to notify you of the incurred fees. User agrees that the company shall not be held liable in the event of any error, identity theft, fraud or any other problems with the processing of credit cards or online payment processing.

FLAKWOLF.COM GUARANTEE provides its users with a guarantee that a user will not be ripped off. This guarantee provides that if a user does NOT receive a game that was supposed to have been sent, or if a game sent is declared as NOT received by another user, each user will be refunded the credit used to make the transaction. The user is then free to request another game with that credit. User acknowledges that the guarantee does not include refunding any money. The user will be refunded the Flakwolf currency (credits) which can be used to trade for games. Flakwolf reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse a claim or claim(s) made by any user at any time. If a user claims more than two instances of having not received a game, or having received a broken or unworking game, may determine at its sole discretion that User is exempt from the guarantee. Common instances of exemption from the guarantee involve suspicious activities by user that could be construed as intended to steal, defraud or cheat If a user claims more than two instances of having sent a game but feedback was never left, may determine at its sole discretion that User is exempt from the guarantee. reserves the right to hold any user exempt from the guarantee upon any action deemed suspicious in the sole discretion of


In order to provide the best service possible, offers its users the use of loaned credits. Loaned credits are credits received before a game is actually sent, with the expectation that the game listed will be sent when requested. User agrees to send any and all games where the credit received for said game has already been spent. User agrees not to manipulate the site in any way so as to procure more loaned credits than are allowed by the rules and regulations of In the event that User receives a game(s) after using a loaned credit and User elects to not send the game listed for trade associated with credit, User agrees and acknowledges that Flakwolf reserves the right to investigate the matter at its sole discretion and charge Users credit card the price of a used same Tier game. Prices of used games for each Tier is as follows. Tier one, thirty five dollars. Tier two, twenty-seven dollars. Tier three, seventeen dollars. Tier four, ten dollars. Tier five, five dollars. In other words, if User lists a game, receives a loaned credit and requests and receives a game with that credit but elects not to send the listed game once it is eventually requested, reserves the right to charge Users credit card with no notice to User for the price of the game received. Acts of this nature are considered attempts to steal from, cheat or defraud and reserves the right to terminate your account immediately at its sole discretion. will never charge the credit card of user for the price of a used game unless one has been received and user has declined to send their listed game out when requested, and is refusing to contact


User acknowledges that meeting to trade a game with another user is inherently risky. User acknowledges that Flakwolf cannot monitor any of these meetings and as such, it is the users responsibility to ensure that each meeting is safe. User acknowledges that advises that user do everything possible to mitigate the risk of any harm by meeting in a public place and not going alone. In the event that something unfortunate happens at one of these meetings, user agrees to hold 100% harmless and not liable for any damages, harm, accident, pain, crimes committed or any other outcome whether positive or negative.


Users usage of the site is subject to the Privacy Policy. Please review this policy as it describes our intent and usage of the personal and confidential information you provide In sum, Flakwolf will never divulge your information to any party outside of, and only within the parameters of the site itself when involved in a specific trade with another user. guards Users information with the utmost security and safety. User agrees to not hold liable for the privacy of any information published by any User on transmitted by any user to any other user.

MISC may place a cookie or other small text file on any computer that user accesses the site. may at any time contain links to third party websites. User acknowledges that Flakwolf is not responsible for any of the content found on those sites. User acknowledges that makes no guaranty of confidentiality any of the electronic submissions transmitted on