Why Flakwolf?

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1. Trade Locally

Why wait for someone to ship your game when you can just go pick it up right down the street? Choose to ship your game or meet someone face to face.

2. Shorter Lines

Because Flakwolf uses a Tier system, the only way to get the best games is to list the best games. This drastically reduces (or even eliminates) time in the waiting line.

3. Same-day Trades

Get a credit instantly just for listing your game. Use this credit to find a locally listed game and start playing today! (Or wait for shipping if you’re feeling lazy).

4. Guaranteed

If you spend a credit, and never receive your game, you'll get your credit refunded, and can trade it with another user. The first guy who failed to trade is penalized.

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What Users Say

  • “I was way skeptical at first, but decided to take a leap of faith. I figured that if it worked it would be awesome. It worked! I love it! I’ve swapped out my whole video game library in less than a week!”


  • “My wife didn’t want me spending any more money on video games. Thank goodness for Flakwolf. I get one game and trade over and over.”


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